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Middle School Librarians


Jaci Dogan - Painter Middle School, Painter, TX - co-created and developed by Janis Hogan, Debbie Owen, and Christina Painter


Kayla Hornsby - Reedmore Middle School, Austin, Texas - co-created and developed by Chandra Burrell, Abby Hancock, and Traci Kirkland


Jeath Kruppley - Krumbodia Middle School, Krumbodia, Texas - co-created and developed by Joe Krupp and Heather Lassley


Leslie M. Shipkey - Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Franklin, Texas - co-created and developed by Molly Kyle, Mary Virginia Meeks, and Renae Phillips  


Parten R. Shippe -  Weeluff Lerhning Junior High School, Middle, TX - co-created and developed by Linda Drake, Joni Hill, and Nicole Ellis  


Melyncia Willsmiton - Hilldale Middle School, Frisville, Texas - co-reated and developed by Madelyn Linton, Melissa Smith, and Valencia Williams


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