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Elementary Librarians


Anita Book, Liberty Elementary School, Freedom, Texas - co-reated and developed by Sara Dethlefsen, Kendra Duckworth and Jacqueline Gurley


Mrs. L. Brary, and the Giesel Gals, Planet Seuss Elementary School, Mars, Texas- co-created and developed by Garra Ballinger, Jeni Smith, and Jill Swan  


Kristin Coffield, Farr Best Elementary School, Even Better, Texas - co-created and developed by Emilie Buske-Ferman, Kristin Coffield, and Mary Pharaoh     


Catherine Collaborator,  Cooperative Elementary School, Friendswood, Texas - co-created and developed by Julie Brister, Nancy Chevalier, and Constance Lamb 


Hypatia Opal Dimple, Theon Elementary School, Alexandria, Texas - co-created and developed by Melissa Garrison, Katie Hickey and Aida Lugo  


Kate Frost,  Austin Elementary School, Dallas, Texas - created and developed by Lisa BrackenSquires, S.L., and Tamra Snell


Marion "The Librarian" Gutierrez, Mesa Roja Elementary School, Springfield, USA  – co-created and developed by Amy Davenport, Ilana Locker and Kyla Zasowski


Suzanne Harper, Mockingbird Elementary School, Birdville, Texas- co-created and developed by Jenny Davidson, Emily Felker, and Cynthia MacDonald   


Megan May Johnson, Spring Hill Elementary School, Longview, Texas - co-created and developed by Kara Johnson, Megan Nickel, and Deanne May   


Lacy Librarian, Miller Elementary School, Wylie, Texas - co-created and developed by Lisa Cockrell,  Erin Diaz, and Melissa Scholl   


Ima Lively, Odyssey Elementary School, Inspiration, Texas - co-created and developed by Karen Littlejohn, Kent Smith, and Nicole White  


Miss Eliza Pioneer, Adams Center  Elementary School, Lake Placid, New York - co-created and developed by June Jacko, Ashley Wallace, and Carol Fullerton


Sara Estela Ramirez - Villa Progreso Elementary School Library - co-created and developed by R.R.A., L.G. and Maile McGrew-Fredé     


Juana Reed, Inquiry Elementary School, Page, Texas - co-created and developed by Carrie Martin, Liseth Martin, and Genie Myers   


Susan Salinger, Johnson Elementary, Houston, Texas – co-created and developed by Jennifer Allred, Stephanie Robertson, and Jennifer Vet


Amelia Swift, WEG Elementary School, Houston, Texas - co-created and developed by Grace Erkman, Cori Galvan, and Karlee Wimberley


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