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Literacy4Life at your library 

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Mary Margaret Perez, School Librarian, Dolores Huerta High School, Tucson, Arizona


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If you are a classroom teacher and I had 30 seconds in an elevator (or in the faculty lounge, the hallway, or at the copy machine), this is what I would tell you about my role and the role of our school library program in our learning community.  


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I am your partner in promoting reading and teaching literacy skills. There are many ways we can work together to positively impact students’ engagement with texts and improve their reading proficiency. We can collaborate to gear the library’s monthly literacy events to the interests and needs of students and your classroom curriculum. When we plan for instruction, I will contribute ideas related to the wide variety of texts available in our library and beyond. Together, we can integrate technology tools to help motivate students and improve their information-seeking and reading skills. We can coteach lessons in which we model reading comprehension and information literacy strategies and jointly monitor students’ guided practice. We can give students more individualized attention. What concept will you be teaching next? When can we get together to do some planning? I welcome the opportunity to learn with you and your students. (Shhh.. I have chocolate…) 


TAKE ONE: Please download (and print) the brochure that details some of the many ways we can work together : Dolores Huerta High School Brochure for Teachers (.pdf file)


Link to the Dolores Huerta High School Library Goals and Objectives


Link to Mary Margaret Perez's Personal Education Philosophy and Background Information




This librarian was created and developed as an example by Dr. Moreillon.

Spring 2010


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