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Dolores Huerta High School Librarian Mary Margaret Perez


Goals and Objectives of the Dolores Huerta School Library Program:

Our school library program is designed to impact the learning of every student in our school and to support the teaching of every educator in our building.  Together with our library stakeholders, the library will

  • participate in planning at the classroom and site-levels as well as at the district-level serving on curriculum committees;
  • coordinate learning and teaching across grade-levels and content areas;
  • promote, teach, and integrate 21st-century tools into learning and teaching;
  • model and promote the ethical use of information;
  • collaborate with all library stakeholders in developing a vibrant, dynamic program that meets the needs of students, educators, administrators, families, and community members.


Goals and Objectives of Mary Margaret Perez, Your School Librarian:

As your school librarian, my goal is to work with you to impact our students' learning. Through classroom-librarian collaboration in which we co-plan, co-teach, and co-implement lessons and units of instruction, classroom teachers, specialists, and I

  • work together to develop students' reading and information literacy skills and strategies in every area of the curriculum;
  • integrate the resources of the library and beyond and technology tools into our teaching and students' learning;
  • utilize strategies to increase student movitation and engagement with texts in all formats;
  • model strategies, monitor students' guided practice, and assess their learning with both formative and summative assessments.
  • use data to guide instruction.
  • make a significant impact on student achievement;
  • and have fun (!) learning in the process.


Goals and Objectives of the Dolores Huerta School Library Collection:

Our school library collection will reflect the curricular and personal literature and information needs of our school learning community. The collection offers library users

  • 24/7 access through out school library portal;
  • up-to-date resources in multiple formats;
  • a full range of reading levels in order to meet the needs of all our students;
  • a young adult literature collection and information resources to instill a lifelong long of reading;
  • literacy events that spotlight the rich resources available in our collection and beyond and showcase students' use of these resources in learning.


A sample lesson plan can be found at: Post a link to one or more of your lessons plans (appropriate for your librarian's instructional level)


These are some electronic pathfinders classroom teachers and I have codeveloped for students' inquiry projects:





High School Librarian Mary Margaret Perez - Home


My Educational Philosophy and Background Information


High School Principal Mrs. Alvarez-Garcia


Evidence-based Practice: Research and Readings




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