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Villa Progreso: Empowering Learners of Tomorrow!


Welcome to the Villa Progreso Elementary School Library. My name is Sara Estela Ramirez, and I would like to share with you just a little bit about our very special elementary library media center!


ElevatorSpeech by zemog


"Have you had high hopes to work collaboratively with another educator to access an array of educational resources, but were disheartened to come up short-handed? Look no further. At Villa Progreso, it is my mission to co-plan and team teach with you. We can collaborate to design dynamic lessons that will maximize our areas of expertise and student learning. We will utilize a plethora of relevant resources. As partners, we will analyze student data, identify state standards, and align them to the school curriculum, and AASL standards. We will design lessons tailored to meet student needs, raise student academic achievement, and instill an interest for reading and learning. Through our instructional partnership, our students will benefit from using 21st century skills and tools, creating new knowledge, retrieving information, and developing into lifelong learners. Villa Progreso: empowering learners of tomorrow."



Villa Progreso Brochure

Take a look at our School Library Media Program brochure! Print one out for yourself or stop by the library today, and pick one up! 



Villa Progreso Bookmark

Here is a bookmark just for you! Open and print or stop by the library for a full color version!



Villa Progreso Elementary School Library Mission, Goals, & Objectives


Sara E. Ramirez's Educational Philosophy and Background

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