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Welcome !

At Villa Progreso Elementary School Library we believe in the power of collaboration, planning and evidence-based practice to further student achievement.



Research concurs with the testimony of teachers, librarians and administrators; two heads are better than one! Through dedicated use of collaboration between you, the classroom teacher and your school librarian (that's me!), we have the ability to truly impact student learning and achievement in all areas of the curriculum and for all students. With district and administrative support (thank you Superintendent Valdez and Principal Trujillo!), active planning, team teaching and co-assessment, we can maximize benefits for all, reaching far beyond what is possible working in classroom isolation. Collaboration challenges tired methods and teaching styles, makes inter-curricular connections, augments content, and builds active inquiry learning and information literacy into the curriculum. It embeds professional development and skill enhancement for staff, but most importantly enhances student achievement!


Matrix of Benefits of Classroom Library Collaboration and Co-teaching

For Students

For Educators

Individual Attention; lower student/teacher ratio 


Better designed, engaging lessons


Increased opportunity to receive differentiated instruction


Access to information at the point of need


Access to multiple resources including technology


Focus and engagement with fewer distractions


Deeper investigation into concepts and topics


Expanded opportunity for creativity


Acquiring skills for lifelong learning


Integrated learning


Opportunity to work one-on-one with students


Clarification of goals and objectives through joint planning and co-assessment of lesson objectives


Improved facilitation of differentiated instruction


Content and information literacy skills integrated in learning


Shared responsibility for gathering engaging resources


Fewer classroom management issues


More instructional time due to fewer management issues


Expanded opportunity for creativity


Professional and personal growth opportunities through co-teaching and co-assessment of student learning


Integrated teaching


For Administrators

For Parents & Community


Standards and learning goals become a central focus point throughout school site


Embedded, on-going, professional development for staff



Teamwork and collective success are modeled daily within the school


Emphasis on integrated learning of 21st Century skills



School is student centered ; engagement , comprehension and achievement are the focus of every learning strategy


Students exposed to several educators, learning strategies and tools.


Teamwork and cooperation are modeled daily and expected of students


Students learn 21st Century skills for life-long learning

(Adapted from Moreillon, J., Collaborative Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension: Maximizing Your Impact, 2007)


Collaboration at Villa Progreso is active and ongoing. Watch this Animoto and let's collaborate!  

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.


If you would like to view the Animoto in a new window, click below:




Villa Progreso Library Hours and Services:

  • 7:30am to 5:00pm weekdays; and 2nd Saturday every month!
  • 24/7 student access through web portal;
  • Resources in multiple languages and formats; evolving e-book and mp3 talking books collection;
  • Young Librarians volunteer program for 4th through 6th grades; includes library learning and participation in monthly student "booktalks"
  • Extensive youth literature and graphic novel collection in conjunction with our SuperHeroes for SuperReaders program;
  • Unique 21st Century STEM collection (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) features current print, e-serials, digital equipment and hosted learning applications made possible through a grant from Edutopia.
  •  Read to Your Bunny toddler program features Villa Progreso 4th through 6th graders reading a picture book to visiting Head Start pre-school children.


Villa Progreso Mission Statement:

The mission of the Villa Progreso library program is to instill a love of learning in all students through a collaborative approach; providing equitable access to information and resources, encouraging critical thinking skills and furthering information literacy for the 21st century. At Villa Progreso we will empower students to become lifelong learners, seekers of information and cultural co-creators*.


*At Villa Progreso, we believe that knowledge is a process which evolves collectively through teaching, learning and critical participation. Knowledge is always culturally, ethnically, and linguistically situated. We further believe that these frameworks matter deeply for our diverse population, even at the elementary level. We acknowledge this participatory process and our objective of student participation within it by using the term "cultural co-creators."

Our Beliefs and Objectives:

 Through collaborative efforts, evidence-based practices, and listening to the needs of stakeholders, the library program will prepare students for 21st-century challenges by providing instruction and an enrichment that:

  • makes student learning and achievement central
  • encourages innovative and critical thinking
  • promotes problem-solving skills
  • develops effective, ethical, and respectful practices of information use and communication
  • stimulates teamwork and social learning
  • establishes life and career skills for all


The goals of our library program are to ensure our stakeholders are effective users of ideas and information and that the librarian empowers students to be critical thinkers, passionate readers, inquisitive learners, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.



Reading Comprehension - Making Predictions

I invite you to review the Collaborative Lesson Plan (CLP) and the student-friendly Rubric that Ms. Smith, second grade teacher, and I developed. We started with "the end in mind" (Wiggins & McTighe). Together, we identified the state standards, AASL standards, reading strategy, purpose, objectives, materials, and procedures. We also explored Web 2.0 tools our students had previously used and integrated a few. I think you'll be impressed with the products two minds constructed.  



Reading Comprehension - Background Knowledge

Another second and third grade teacher and I developed this lesson, which can be easily adapted for any grade level. It includes using the reading strategy of accessing background knowledge and applying it to the completion of a comparison and contrast graphic organizer using a Web 2.0 tool. Students will enjoy the extension activities planned as well when they further their research and writing skills surrounding the numerous variations of The Gingerbread Man. 

Collaborative Lesson Plan - Background Knowledge


The Scientific Method - a unit in progress

And, take a look at this introduction to the Scientific Method, a collaborative lesson plan in which multi-media resources are developed to activate and assess student background knowledge about the scientific process in preparation for the district science fair. This is an evolving unit in progress! Maybe you will have suggestions for improving it! Please take a look!

Collaborative Lesson Plan - The Scientific Method (Activating Background Knowledge)




TASC Inquiry Process

You are tasked with knowing TASC! The TASC Inquiry Process was adopted in 2007 by the Villa Progreso Public Schools. The presentation was created collaboratively using Prezi. Has your classroom been introduced to TASC? Would you like a refresher course? Click the link below and let's talk soon to schedule a time for you and your students to experience the power of TASC in the library!


21st Century means Multiple Literacies and Multi-media!

If you are reluctant about using Web 2.0 tools, let's start off slowly and begin with Fodey, a simple to use animated presentation tool. Just click the link and watch the in-service presentation guiding you through the process. You will find the tool easy to use and the results enjoyable.

Fodey in Your Classroom



Villa Progreso's SuperHeroes for SuperReaders Program


[Xtranormal is a Web 2.0 video tool. This movie was developed by several Young Librarians of Ms. Prince's 5th grade classroom. Many thanks!]

Would you like to create your own  text-to-movie XtraNormal multi-media project as a curriculum aid? Visit http://www.xtranormal.com/ or talk to Ms. Ramirez today!


Glogster & Student Work

Click on the link to view students' products that were a result of collaborating with my fellow teachers.


Student Creations Glogster





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Sara E. Ramirez's Educational Philosophy & Background



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