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Sara Estela Ramirez

Background & Educational Philosophy

Educational Background:

  • Masters Library and Information Science, Drexel University
  • Bachelor of Science Early Child Development & Education, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Bachelor of Public Administration and Policy, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

Professional Associations:

  • Member of American Library Association, since 1999.
  • Member of Texas Library Association since 1999.
  • Membership in AASL, 1999, and regional contact person for SLMCT (School Library Media Centers of Texas) since 2008.

Volunteer Projects:

  • Leader of Dia de los Niños at el Instituto de Los Barrios, Villa Progreso, TX
  • Coordinator of the Youth Summer Reading Programs at the Tomas Rivera Public Library and Cultural Center, 2005-Present
  • Local coordinator for TASC Inquiry Process model trainings and 21st Century Literacy workshops for educators, 2008-10
  • Board Member of a non-profit organization, Centro Mujeres de la Esperanza, 2000-08


  • 10 years as a classroom teacher
  • 3 years as a literacy coach
  • 5 years as a rural community librarian
  • 4 years as a school librarian

Skills and Technical Knowledge

  • Bilingual; fluency with written and spoken Spanish and English
  • Google Certified Teacher

My Educational Philosophy is aligned with the five roles as described by the American Association of School Librarians:
As a Leader, my goal is to:

  • support school mission and goals
  • plan, design, and execute initiatives to promote 21st century skills
  • self-evaluate my knowledge and skills for continued professional growth
  • survey stakeholders to identify their needs and wants
  • conduct professional development
  • participate and act as a leader in our community and professional organizations.

As a Program Administrator, my goal is to:

  • develop and maintain a collection of print, electronic, and multi-media resources and equipment that supports and enhances the school curriculum and student learning experiences
  • apply evidence based practices
  • collaborate with all stakeholders and members of the community to
    • support the reading program
    • design literacy events
    • implement school library programs
    • secure access to resources that address the needs and interests of all stakeholders
    • collaborate to develop a library program aligned to the school's mission and goals
    • manage the school library program budget
    • maintain the physical and virtual spaces.

As a Teacher, I strive to

  • be familiar with school curriculum and state standards
  • be knowledgeable of campus and student data
  • raise student academic achievement
  • empower students to evolve into
    • critical thinkers
    • zealous readers
    • accomplished researchers
    • reflective learners
    • ethical users of information
  • promote the use of 21st century skills and tools
  • teach collaboratively to design meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

As an Information Specialist, my goal is to:

  • evolve into a technical specialist for the purpose of modeling the 21st century tools
  • collaborate in the development of meaningful and appealing learning activities
  • promote interactive global learning through the use of a virtual library, wikis, Skype, webpages, and other current technologies

As an Instructional Partner, my goal is to:

  • collaborate to develop an instructional framework that sustains the curriculum, parallels state standards, and promotes collaboration between school librarian, classroom teachers, and community resources
  • center collaborative efforts on designing lessons that allow students to access information, create new knowledge, and develop into life-long learners.


I welcome the opportunity to serve the stakeholders at Villa Progreso. I look forward to collaborating with you for the academic success of the students and for our own professional growth. Please view my Portrait of a Collaborator so you may get to know me both personally and professionally.

Note on my name: Yes, I was named after my great, great Aunt Sara Estela Ramirez; Mexican teacher, author and activist. Many thanks to Mr. Ellinger's Social Studies/Biographies tools on the Celina City Schools, (of Celina, OH) website for this fact filled worksheet...

Sara Estela Ramirez.pdf


Villa Progreso Elementary School Librarian, Sara E. Ramirez - Home


Villa Progreso Elementary School Library Mission, Goals, & Objectives

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