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School Administrators




Bluebonnet Middle School Administrators - presented by Jordan Alexander, Norma Gutierrez, and Jennifer Shaw   


Bright School District Principals - presented by Chris Alello, Angela Giono, and Karen Storrie


Century Middle School Principal - presented by Jerusha Hunt, Amalia Runnels, and Eva Price


Clarkston City School District Principals - presented by Liliana Alonzo, Brienna Ayers, and Lisa Scott


Sharon Coatney Leadership Learning Center Principals - presented by Phyllis Yarbro, Roger Grape, and Leeandrea Price 


Endless Possibilities School District - presented by Blaire Beathard, Dana Cruz, Holly Earl, and Karey Pustejovsky


Extraordinary ISD Elementary Principals - presented by Joni Harris, Kendra Hensley, and Rachel Paper New!


Fiesta Academy Principal - presented by Patrina Garza, Irene Kistler, and Ann Valdez  


Houston ISD K-12 School Principals - presented as a sample by Judi Moreillon, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman's University, Denton


Irving ISD Secondary Principals - presented by Donnie Cummings, Danielle Doeckel, and Lauren Flournoy New!


Pleasanton ISD Elementary Principals - presented by Brenda Cunningham, Debbi Dickinson, and Heather Kepner New!


Pleasantville School District Principals - presented by Crissy Casey, Theresa Klepac, and Michelle Wright New!


Texas Elementary School Principals - presented by Olympia Garcia, Joanna Hatch, and Cindee Hersey New!


Thornton Elementary Principal - presented by Andrea Brown, Dede Boone, and Teresa Rodriguez 


Booker T. Washington Elementary School Principals - presented by Anna Darst, Linzy Mathew, Charlotte Odom, and Sabrina Ramirez 


Utopian Independent School District - presented by Chrisine DeAngelis, Suzy Groff, and Judy Lucas New!







School Boards


Achieve Independent School District Board - presented by Kim Copeland, Lis McCoy and Marcie Verastiqui  New!


Central High School District School Board - presented by Amanda Boswell, Melinda Lanham, and Pamela Barrett     


Heritage School District Board of Education - presented by Marsha Helmuth, Ada Medlin, Gayla Mulligan, and Pattie Nix   


Paradise Independent School District School Board - presented by Chrissy Adkins, Crystal Kulle, and Geri Rasmussen







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