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Librarians 4 Leadership & Learning: Bright School District Principals




Librarians 4 Leadership & Learning is here to lead Bright School District into the future and beyond with tools that build achievement and success. This presentation will further the knowledge of district principals on what school librarians can do to create maximum learning environments for students through collaboration. Don't hesitate, collaborate!


Elevator Speech - Unfortunately, Xtranormal is not longer available. Fortunately, we have this team's elevator speech script below. 


Elevator speech was created by Chris Alello at xtranormal.com.

Elevator Speech Transcript


Hey, hey! We are the trio of librarians, that like to collaborate, not hesitate. We are Angela Giono, Chris Alello, and Karen Storrie, the Librarians 4 Leadership & Learning, and we are here for Bright School District to lead the way for greater learning.


Collaborative relationships between classroom teachers and school librarians have a significant impact on learning, particularly in relation to the planning of instructional units, resource collection development, and the provision of professional development for teachers (ACER, 2003).


Get up on your feet, we like to collaborate, so get up on your feet!


When the librarian and teacher work together, the students gain a deeper understanding of concepts and the learning moves beyond the classroom walls and into the 21st century.


Did you know that “research shows that school libraries can have a positive impact on a range of learning areas; including reading scores, literacy, and broader learning?” School librarians are here to help to shape the learning environment (AASL). Collaborating together, we provide essential skill building techniques that help teachers and administrators use web tools in the classroom to help impact the student learning environment. Over the past 3 years, we have completed over 100 collaborative projects with students and we have seen an incredible impact on student learning through these projects, and we have seen an increase in student achievement.


Did you know that an effective library program depends on the support of the principal? We are actively involved in curriculum development so we can enhance the school curriculum in and out of the library environment. We also help to facilitate technology development for students, teachers, and administrators alike.


Hey, hey! We are the trio of librarians. So get up on your feet, if you want to collaborate, don't hesitate.

Marketing Brochure



Brochure was created using Microsoft Publisher by Angela Giono.

Research and Readings


Lessons for Learning: Using Collaboration in Schools, We Need Your Support!

Logo created with Microsoft Office and Corel Snapfire.

This project was created for LS 5433: Librarians as Instructional Partners at Texas Woman's University by Chris Alello, Angela Giono, and Karen Storrie in the Fall of 2012.

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