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School: Booker T. Washington Elementary School



Target Audience: Principal and Assistant Principal


Slogan: TLC (Teacher Librarian Collaboration) Needed All Year Long


Introduction to Elevator Pitch: New test, new strategies, no problem! With previous standardized testing, old methods of instruction may have worked, but not any more. Now more than ever our students are held to a higher standard of achievement. Are you and your teachers ready for 21st century instruction with the integration of literacy, technology, and inquiry based research skills into instruction? Don't worry, the school librarian is here to collaborate and put tools into the hands of teachers. Are your students bored and disengaged? Your school librarian has the key to innovative, cutting edge ways of teaching that are motivating, fun, and proven to have huge impacts on student achievement so YOU won't be seeing stars during testing season. Whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall, TLC (Teacher, Librarian Collaboration) is needed all year long. Our lovely snow-woman librarian Ivanna Read is here to tell you more about teacher-librarian collaboration!

Our Librarian's Name: Ivanna Read



Voki Transcript:
Did you know that librarians can help increase the STAAR test scores? When teachers and librarians collaborate, students benefit. Students are exposed to different teaching styles, lessons are more meaningful, and students at risk have a greater chance of learning. Lessons are designed better and result in highly engaged lessons. Teachers benefit because they are planning with someone who knows the curriculum of the building. Librarians can teach Web 2.0 tools to use in the classroom. These tools help all students including ESL students. Teacher Librarian Collaboration is needed all year long.

Bottom Line:
Collaboration is the key. Your librarian is a highly qualified educator that can complement what the classroom teacher is already doing and "beef up" overall academic success. As a reading expert the librarian will co-teach, model, and consult with teachers providing a team effort. Most teachers may not be used to co-teaching however this may be the difference maker or game changer in higher test scores. Creating an atmosphere where collaboration is expected is doing what's best for the students and their education. Ask your librarian about collaborative lesson planning today because TLC is needed all year long! Take home a TLC calendar to inspire teacher-librarian collaboration in your school!

Link to Advocacy Tool:

 If you have a Google account, you can access the calendar as one large PDF file by clicking on the following link:
TLC Needed All Year Long Calendar 2013

If you do not have a Google account, you can access the calendar in smaller increments by clicking on the links below:














*The calendar has a great web 2.0 tool showcased for each month. There are also reading and library relevant dates-to-remember marked on the calendar. Print out this PDF version of the calendar, share it with others, and start collaborating because teacher librarian collaboration is needed all year long! 
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