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Fiesta Academy Principal

Mr. Gitter Dunn

Marketing Tool

Elevator Speech

Fiesta Academy Principal Homepage


Annie Garza, librarian at Fiesta Academy Middle School, presented a marketing brochure and elevator speech to her principal at their August conference. Annie requested the conference to discuss the library's goals for the 2012-2013 school year and solicit feedback from the principal, Mr. Gitter Dunn.


Marketing Brochure



Elevator Speech Transcript:

Are you wondering how you can raise your STAAR scores to get them where you want them to be? Are any specific TEKs stumping your teachers or students? Did you know I can work with your teachers and help raise your low TEKs? Let me tell you how.

You give me the TEK and I’ll reach out to your teachers to collaborate. I will work with your teachers side by side. I am an experienced teacher and I can make a difference. The research is clear- schools who have certified school librarians score higher on standardized tests. 

Having me on campus provides you with your own technology coach. I can bring new technology to your teachers, students and school community members. I will work with teachers at all levels of technological proficiency. Sometimes, teachers are uncomfortable with technology. Their students cannot be left behind in their digital learning. We must close the technology gap for our students. I can help both your teachers and students become more proficient and confident in their technology use. Through collaboration with teachers more students will have access to technology both in the library and the classroom. 

And what is really exciting is that I can bring all this to our campus using innovative, inquiry methods which shoot kids to the top of Blooms. The kids will be learning, the teachers collaborating and the scores rising - all while having fun. This is important. Everyone needs to have fun with constructing their thinking and creating products to demonstrate their understanding.

You’re the principal. I need your support to help me launch collaboration with teachers.




Coteaching in Action


Research Evidence

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